Jerry Fons

President, Executive Coach

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Jerry founded Executive Power. LLC in 1999 in order to help individuals and businesses grow their talent. In time, the purpose of the organization grew to “Helping executives release the power of their teams.” To date, Executive Power has helped over 2000 individuals at over 100 organizations in 20 different industries.

Jerry focuses his work in the arena of mid-sized, Owner-Managed, Business-to-Business corporations and he is viewed as a trusted coach and advisor to the Ownership and Executive levels of these organizations. He has worked in the Manufacturing, Printing, Insurance, Healthcare, Distribution, Financial, Construction, and numerous Service industries. His work includes facilitating Strategic Planning and Putting into Place the Operating Disciplines to Execute the Plans, Talent Assessment and Talent Management, Executive and Professional Development, and Executive/Management Team Alignment.

Jerry’s clients include National Insurance Services, Quad Graphics, ProHealth Care, Rock Solid Stabilization, Lyco Manufacturing, Tim O’Brien Homes, and Kowal Investments. Results his clients have cited include: Improved and Focused Communication around Strategy and Leadership; Aligned Teams of Individuals Working Toward Common Goals;
Peace of Mind Regarding How to Communicate Issues and Overcome Objections; Making Sure the Right People are in the Right Seats on the Bus; and not least of all, Significant Growth of Top and Bottom Line Results, as well as Cash Flow.

Credentials Include

  • Certified 3HAG Coach - Metronome United
  • Trained Scaling Up Coach
  • RACA Coaching Certification
  • Certified Leadership Development Professional
  • Certified Professional Behavior, Values, and Attribute Index Analyst
  • 20+ years experience in Management & Executive Management within Manufacturing Organizations
  • Senior Affiliate of Resource Associates Corporation
  • One of 8 Instructors of new Affiliates chosen from a pool of over 700 worldwide
  • Member of the Arbinger Coaching Network (ACN) “Choice In Coaching – Mastery Training for Coaches”