3HAG Way

Shannon Byrne Susko, Metronome United

3HAG WAY takes business-proven methods for people, strategy, execution and cash, and shows leaders how to implement these key repeatable systems for your business in a practical way, so you can scale your company.

3HAG WAY explains the importance of implementing a practical Strategic Execution System that will allow your company to connect your business’s daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and year-of-execution goals and align them with your 3-year Highly Achievable Goal – your 3HAG!

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Metronome Growth Systems

Cloud based business platform for CEOs & their teams.

Drive growth using structured planning and execution based on priorities, data, and meeting rhythms.



Your plan laid out simply and clearly, with clear connection to daily & weekly activity


See your whole organization at a glance with the status of everyone’s priorities – quickly see what areas to focus on in order to achieve your company goals.


Track and share metrics at an individual and company level.  Always know how your team is performing and promote an environment of ownership & accountability.

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Four Decisions®


Four critical decisions that impact your ability to scale up growth – every business leader must address

PEOPLE -- Would you Enthusiastically Rehire Every Member of Your Team?
Do You have the right People on the bus, in the right seats, doing the right things?

STRATEGY -- Do you have a truly differentiated strategy, driving top-line growth?
Is it focused on the long-term picture of your BHAG?

EXECUTION -- Are you currently dropping sufficient profit to the bottom line to fuel growth?

CASH -- Do you have sufficient cash to weather the storms?
Do you know what your Cash Conversion Cycle is and are you taking steps to monitor & shorten it?

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Scaling Up

Verne Harnish, Gazelles Inc.

Practical tools and techniques for building an industry-dominating business.

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Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

Verne Harnish, Gazelles Inc.

Author Verne Harnish, founder of Gazelles & Scaling Up, has created an extensive advisory board of well known thought leaders in business fundamentals including Jim Collins, Patrick Lencioni, Bob Bloom, and Daniel Pink, to name only a few. In his book “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits,” Verne has compiled the best practices from all of these sources. It is the basis of the Gazelles Four Decisions Planning and Execution Models.

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Executive Coaching

Research Based Executive Development

Our coaching process begins with the Research Based Executive Development pioneered by Resource Associates Corporation. Our clients have experienced improved levels of communication, alignment of their teams, lower levels of stress, and ultimately greater results personally and professionally.

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Fail-Safe Leadership: Straight Talk About Correcting The Leadership Challenges in Your Organization

Linda L. Martin & David G. Mutchler, Delta Books

Fail-Safe Leadership advances a results-based definition of leadership. It demonstrates how it’s possible to grow leaders quickly, and how to align every individual’s work effort directly to the company’s vision and strategic plan, in order to improve a company’s bottom line.

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Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting out of the Box

The Arbinger Institute, Berrett-Koehler

Through a story everyone can relate to about a man facing challenges on the job and in his family, the authors expose the fascinating ways that we can blind ourselves to our true motivations and unwittingly sabotage the effectiveness of our own efforts to achieve success and increase happiness.

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The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict

The Arbinger Institute, Berrett-Koehler

Written as an engaging story, this book shows how mistaken views can cause people to misread situations and exacerbate the issues they wish to improve. Arguing that it is only after they understand themselves and get their internal house in order that they can correctly confront external conflicts, the book shows what can be done to make that happen, and how to make inner peace a potent tool for achieving outer satisfaction.

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ADVanced Insights Assessments

It’s become a trite cliché that Your Employees are Your Most Important Asset, but in today’s Knowledge Worker Era, that is the fact. With few exceptions, product, equipment, and processes do not differentiate one organization from another. It is the people and the culture that differentiate. Smart organizations identify and hire the best talent, and they provide ongoing development opportunities for their great talent. They understand that they must also assure that their talented people are in the right role and are aligned with the bigger picture thinking of the organization.

Complete Picture of the Employee or the Candidate

Research has shown that the unique combination of the 3 Innermetrix tools in the ADVanced Insights Assessments gives the most complete picture of the employee or the candidate. Executive Power’s coaches are certified to use these tools to help individuals better understand themselves and others. We use the ADVanced Insights for the Professional Development work we conduct with our clients and provide it as a tool to improve our clients’ Selection, On-Boarding, Coaching & Mentoring, Performance Management, and Succession Planning. The full Assessments include the following:

  • The DISC assessment, which measures the behavioral and communication style of an individual, or HOW an individual acts and prefers to communicate.
  • The Values assessment, which measures an individual’s motivating divers, or the WHY behind an individual’s actions.
  • The Attribute Index assessment, which measures an individual’s subconscious thought patterns. This assessment tells us WHAT an individual’s natural talents are in a fast paced/high stress environment.

These three-fold ADVanced Insights Assessments have helped thousands of clients create teams of “A players” focused on achieving results. Call us for a free sample. We mean it, absolutely FREE and no obligation!

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What’s Your Genius?: How The Best THINK For Success In The New Economy.

Jay Niblick, St. James

What’s Your Genius is a compelling visit into the world of how you think and make decisions and how that explains why you succeed almost effortlessly at some things yet not in others. Seven years of scientific research studying top performers around the world delivers the secrets that the most successful already know about achieving greater success, satisfaction and happiness. Now it’s your turn.

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